How we work

In order to ensure that our clients are always satisfied, it is important that our process is optimized to deliver within the defined timelines. We have been able to successfully deliver on all our projects by following it, and swear by it. Here is Wpable team workflow on performing WordPress customization service.

You: Our customer
We: WPable team

Step 1: You submit project form with specific descriptions here.

Step 2: We will contact you and collect necessary information. Based on provided information, we investigate project issues and consult you about possible solutions for details.

Step 3: Set a deadline and price for your project.

Step 4: You approve the quote and make a deposit of 50% of the total amount of your customization service to our PayPal account.

If your  budget is less than 200$. Please pay 100% total amount at this step (step 4) and skip the step 6 and step 7.

Step 5: Once we receive your transfer to our account, we will begin working on your project. Update email will be sent frequently so that you will be the first to know if any news raised.

Step 6: Finish and deploy customized project. You test again and feedback to our team, then transfer next 25% budget.

Step 7: Finish the project and send the remaining 25% of the project.

Step 8: We will maintain and support your website for 2 months since finish the step 7.